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Buffering video calls? Large files taking too long to up or download? Lagging in your favourite game? You can only do more with less for so long. That’s certainly true with connectivity, as more and more people are beginning to find out FTTP might be the answer!

Even startups and small businesses are turning to cloud storage, SaaS solutions and HD video conferencing, internet connections are bound to start feeling the pressure. And as we get ready for an all-IP future with the switch off of PSTN in 2025, the demand for bandwidth is bound to accelerate.

Capacity generally isn’t such a problem for large organisations, which can afford to invest in dedicated bandwidth. But for the smaller organisations trying to compete with them, connectivity has the potential to limit growth and stifle ambition. Taking on bigger fish requires the ability to fully exploit the latest digital tools and services and insufficient bandwidth will inevitably become a spanner in the works.

With Full-fibre (FTTP ‘ultrafast’ or Full Fibre) broadband, help is at hand. This high speed, high capacity solution can meet your current connectivity needs and give you the confidence to push forward with more ambitious digital transformation strategies. Ultrafast internet is a game changer, giving companies of any size the equivalent of enterprise-level connectivity, without the costs associated with dedicated or uncontended services.

Doing Internet, at light speed

FTTP stands for ‘Fibre to the Premises’, and this Full-fibre broadband is the next generation of internet connectivity. While previous broadband standards have relied on copper fibre for all or part of the journey from the internet to your premises, Full-fibre broadband uses fibre all the way. That makes a huge difference. Full-fibre broadband is faster and more reliable than its copper-based counterparts, and it doesn’t slow down. You’ll get ultrafast speeds however far you are from the exchange.

How fast is it? In a word, lightspeed. We can bring you top speeds of up to 1Gb, though you can choose from a wide range of options to meet your needs and budget. To put that into perspective, the fastest FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet) speed is around 70Mb.

Most importantly for you, Full-fibre isn’t just fast, it’s also more reliable and resilient, meaning you’re less likely to suffer dropouts or downtime. Put it all together and Full-fibre broadband is a cost-effective solution for those who want ultrafast speeds but don’t see a need for dedicated Ethernet or leased lines.

A huge opportunity for your business

So, what can you do with ultrafast that you couldn’t do before? To summarise, Full-fibre broadband levels the playing field for SMEs, letting them tap into the same data-hungry tools and services as larger competitors.

You can connect multiple devices to sophisticated cloud services and not notice any drop in performance. It means teams, many working from home or different offices, can enjoy crystal clear video conferencing, without suffering from the dreaded video stutter. With Full-fibre broadband, your customers will enjoy smooth communications with your business and a satisfying e-commerce experience.

Helping you get ahead

Full-fibre broadband is fast, but it’s only as reliable as the infrastructure that supports it. Our connectivity solutions are backed by a huge network of specialist engineers and cybersecurity experts. It’s reassuring to know that our Full-fibre broadband is built on the same infrastructure that supports businesses, hospitals and public services around the country. With 99.999% availability, it’s a network you can depend on.

Full-fibre broadband can give you that edge, so get in touch if you’d like to learn more.