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EnableNet is one of the newest broadband companies in the UK, but that doesn’t mean that we lag behind the main players. We are more than just a broadband service provider; we are a social enterprise dedicated to bringing digital equality to the people of the UK.

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK’s digital divide has surged, leaving millions of households cut off from the internet. Here at EnableNet, we don’t believe the internet is a luxury. We believe it is a necessity and a utility. Access to the internet gives people a chance for greater social mobility, it allows access to the job market, and it is vital for education, welfare, financial and local services.

With this in mind, EnableNet was founded with the ethos that everyone should have internet access. That’s why for every ten broadband packages you buy, we will donate a 12-month internet package to a home that otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford it.

What is a social enterprise?

A social enterprise or community interest company is built around the principles of giving back to the community. The profits from EnableNet are not used solely for private gain; they are fed back into the community to benefit real people and change lives. At EnableNet, we believe that digital inclusion is a necessity. That’s why we built a social enterprise that invests in communities rather than an Ltd company that only serves shareholder profits and interests.

What we offer

A customer service experience like no other

At EnableNet, we go above and beyond. We are dedicated to providing a customer service experience that is unlike any you have had before. Our customers are the lifeblood of our business, and we make sure they know they are valued. Our customer service sets us apart from other broadband providers. We put our customers at the heart of our community. We are here to serve you, not the other way around.

High speed, stable Internet connections

We provide high speed and super high speed, stable internet connections to homes and businesses at competitive prices. Our connections are stable and have 99.9% uptime which means our customers have no downtime.

Clearly priced packages. No hidden extras. Ever

To keep our pricing and packages simple and clear. We provide real value for money and keep our pricing structure simple, so you never have any hidden costs.

No landline internet

What sets us apart from our competitors is that here at EnableNet, we don’t believe that internet services should still require a landline. There is no landline installation, set up fees or line rental charges. Your broadband is completely phone line free.

Short internet contract

Another thing we do differently here at EnableNet is contracts. We’ve taken the industry standard, and we’ve ripped it up. We don’t believe you should be tied into lengthy contracts for 12 to 24 months.

We are all about putting our customers at the heart of everything we do. We offer a minimum of a 6-month contract on some of our services to allow our customers freedom, flexibility, and choice. No one wants to feel trapped, and that is not what we stand for here at EnableNet.

We are so sure of our services that we are confident our customers won’t want to switch after they’ve tried us. Our prices, quality, and value speak for themselves. We don’t feel the need to lock our customers in place. We believe our customers should have freedom and choice from a provider they can trust.

Safe and secure internet you can trust

Our internet network is the first of its kind in Scotland, and we are leading the way with new technologies that will soon roll out across the UK. Our network has a 99.99% uptime record. You can be sure that your internet will not drop out during an important business meeting or an equally important Netflix marathon.


Above all else, what you will have when you buy broadband from EnableNet is a trusting and transparent relationship with a company you know you can rely on. We stand behind our mission to end digital exclusion, and we stand behind our promises to each and every one of our customers.

We are a grassroots homegrown broadband company that is the only one of its kind in the UK. We give back to communities and keep our promises to our customers. We are a not-for-profit company. Every penny is reinvested to bridge the digital divide gap and keep people connected to family, friends, and essential services.

EnableNet for business

EnableNet works with businesses to offer packages that are priced to suit every budget. Working with a social enterprise is your chance to give back to your local community. You will also have the confidence of knowing that your broadband speed and connection is fast and stable. EnableNet networks lead the way in new technologies. We can provide connectivity to cover all of your company’s needs.

Fast, reliable internet without a landline

EnableNet offers fast and reliable internet without using a landline as we have tapped into new technology. We are the only company in Scotland to offer Single Order Generic Ethernet Access (SoGEA). This provides a fast connection direct to your home and will be rolled out across the UK in the coming months.

With most people only using their landline for internet connection, the current system is becoming obsolete. EnableNet is ahead of the game with the use of this new technology. It allows for high-speed internet connections and does away with the need for a landline. This has cost-saving benefits, and because SoGEA is one product instead of two, It also means that EnableNet can deliver the internet much more efficiently to our customers.

EnableNet is at the forefront of broadband technology in the UK, and the first of it’s kind in Scotland. We are leading the way in offering high speed, reliable and cost-effective broadband. We are the only social enterprise broadband company in the UK, and all of our business decisions put our customers front and centre.

Hassle free broadband

Switching to EnableNet is easy and hassle free. All you have to do is go online, tell us you want to switch and we do the rest for you. You can sit back and relax knowing that everything is taken care of by us. We even provide you with our amazing free broadband router.

The future of EnableNet

The world is changing rapidly; the way we shop is now more personal than ever. Customers want to work with companies whom they recognise and trust and whose values they share. We built our social enterprise with this in mind. We aim to be the number 1 provider of broadband in the UK by providing excellent service, authenticity, and transparent business practices.

We keep our promises to our customers and our community. We keep our contracts short and our internet connection stable, and we offer a personalised approach to customer service. Through our guarantee of transparent, honest business and our proven record of providing fast, reliable broadband, the future is bright for a long time to come.